LINC Structure

LINC Structure

LINC is a genuine industry-led network, supported by Local Government. The actions and initiatives of the network are driven by member companies. These actions are implemented on behalf of members by the network coordinator Theresa Mulvihill.

The strategic direction of LINC comes from all member companies. The steering committee work with the network coordinator to advise, give direction and prioritize on key actions and initiatives. The steering committee is made up of member companies. This ensure that the the agenda of the cluster based on industry needs and is relevant for member companies. The steering committee meet every 6 weeks.

The executive committee is represented by Government agencies and the steering committee. They meet quarterly. The role of the executive steering committee is to sit on subgroups and provide linkages and knowledge between Government agencies and member companies. This ensures clear communication of supports to member companies giving members access to an eco system of supports, working collaboration to support enterprise in the most efficient and effective way.

What the LINC Network does for its members

We create an ecosystem for regional enterprise development and growth. We achieve this in a number of ways, but most importantly, listening to what members want.

We bring Engineering firms together. When firms are together, the intangible benefits of talking begins. With talking comes relationship building, trust, learning and of course business opportunties.

At LINC we support member companies to come together. When we do this we promote peer learning; inter-company networking, collaboration and sharing of best practice. The power of focused, structured networking between members cannot be overstated or undervalued.

At LINC we coordinate events of relevance and interest to the members. Since March 2020 our events have been online. We are very excited as we develop an exciting new hybrid model of online and offline events for Autumn 2021 to maximise networking opportunities for everyone.

A central hub of information in relation to Government support across training; funding; innovation and recruitment. The wide range of supports in Ireland is a testament to enterprise supports, however, navigating these supports is a skill in itself. Members share their learning and with the guidance of LINC, supports are clear for members to navigate.

We take pride in LINC being a focused Engineering-specific network, member-led and focused on solving key common issues as a group. We orchestrate the meetings, events and access to supports, after that it is our member companies that make business happen.

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