Rohan Engineering

Rohan Engineering

Bale Handling Machinery Attachments & Accessories

Rohan Engineering was first set-up in 2008 and since then it has continually and successfully manufactured a range of different equipment for the agricultural sector. The family outfit specifically specialises in manufacturing equipment for bale handling, something which it has developed a craft for down through the years.

Rohan Engineering is an agricultural engineering company that manufactures and distributes farm machinery equipment all over the Munster region and beyond. From there headquarters Adare, the company supplies Bale handling equipment, Mole Ploughs, Shear Grabs, Concrete mixing buckets, quick hitch adapters, safety platforms and a range of agricultural farm machinery throughout Ireland.

Specialising in bale handling equipment, Rohan Engineering provides a modern range of Bale handling machinery attachments and accessories.

Products & Services
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Farm machinery equipment
Garry Rohan
087 6210803
Tuogh, Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland