Irish Examiner – LINC Article 24/03/21

The following is from an article published by Irish Examiner. It describes LINC Networks hard work to prosper despite setbacks brought on by Covid-19

An engineering network in Munster is working towards enabling indigenous companies to expand despite the challenges brought about by Covid-19.

LINC Engineering Network is a member-led engineering cluster network based in north Cork and  Limerick where the mission is to bring companies together to increase the competitiveness of the region.

Initiated by a group of engineering firm owners in 2014, the network has gone from strength to strength in the intervening years and now has over 40 members.

In 2018, funding was secured through the REDZ fund under an application from the Local Enterprise Office in Limerick and in 2019, further financial assistance was allocated to continue the network into 2020 under the LEO Competitive Funds.

The network has become a hub for knowledge and information sharing as well as a forum to access key skills, contacts and collaboration opportunities that allow members to develop, grow and scale their business sustainably thereby bringing economic growth to the region.

Meanwhile, the cluster of companies with over 40 members comprises diverse engineering disciplines that range in size from start-ups to medium sized enterprises such as  Design Pro Automation, Takumi Engineering, and EPS Group which employs over 500 people.

The companies are spread across rural Co Limerick and north Cork in towns like Kildimo, Rathkeale, Newmarket and Mallow.


One of the core focuses of LINC Engineering Network is to support and promote peer learning, inter-company networking, collaboration and best practice.

Several member companies have found they are growing faster together than they would on their own due to ongoing collaboration.

Chris Doody, of Doody Engineering, which specialises in fabrication, highlighted the importance of networks such as LINC.

“As a small family-run company, it’s easier to grow in a group like LINC. On our own we’re living under a stone,” he said.

“Since joining LINC, we’ve been able to increase and diversify the range of services we offer clients by working in collaboration with other members.

“We don’t have our own laser-cutting machines but instead of turning work away, we now sub-contract that work to fellow members Irish Rollforming in Mallow.

“In the last year we responded to an e-tender with two other members; while we didn’t win it, this opportunity would never have been available to us in the past.

“We’re breaking new ground as a company and as a cluster.”

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We are delighted to be receiving national media coverage and would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their continued hard work and dedication.