LINC Ambition

Our ambition is to develop and strengthen our rural region for the benefit of all member companies, their employees, and their families. We continue to support our SME community in navigating a complex system of available supports. In doing so, we help our members to embrace best practices, digitisation, innovation, collaboration, internationalisation and achieving a low carbon economy. Together, with our member companies and regional stakeholders, we will develop the competitiveness of the region.

LINC Support


LINC Digitisation




LINC Innovation



Job Creation

Low Carbon

Low Carbon

LINC Growth


LINC International


LINC Initiates

  • Supporting enterprise in regional towns and rural areas
  • Embracing digitisation and innovation
  • Improving SME productivity and profits
  • Enhancing skills, developing and attracting talent to our region
  • Increasing participation in the labour force and job creation.
  • Achieving a low carbon economy
  • Supporting our members to scale, grow and develop international presence

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Achievements of LINC

Achievements of LINC to date

  • 53 new jobs created since 2018
  • Increase in export revenues of €1.5 million in 2019
  • 15% of LINC members progressed to Enterprise Ireland
  • 100% engagement in soft supports and grants
  • Over 50 member companies have been recruited
  • At least 6 collaborative bids have been submitted by members
  • At least 2 collaborative funding application have been submitted for collaborative R&D
  • Over 350 training days were achieved by working in collaboration with Stakeholders
  • 157 individual people have been trained
LINC Network Innovation

Benefits to the economy

19 towns and villages in the area of North Cork and East/ West Limerick have been supported and 2304 jobs are being supported by LINC network directly.

In the year 2021, we are pleased to say that our members have sustained their levels of employment. While some businesses made temporary layoffs, others have taken staff back on and some firms have recruited new members during these strange and challenging times.


We have developed an ecosystem of members who support each other in areas outlined below;

  • Supply chain
  • Innovation
  • Research and development
  • Sharing of manpower and resources
  • Leverage economies of scale
  • Greater power in numbers

We have brought all agencies and stakeholders in the region to LINC so member companies can easily access all Government supports and services in one place.

Job Creation

In 2020 a year when many sectors saw employment numbers fall, our members sustained their teams and staffing levels. The biggest challenge that our members face is recruiting skilled workers within these areas. We are supporting members directly on this by developing relations with the Regional Skills Fora; ETB’s and Third level Institutes.

Current Investment

To date, LINC has received a total sum of €100,000 under the REDZ fund and an additional €100,000 fundinf under the LEO Competitive Fund. This represents an investment of €5000 per company over a 3 year period to enhance their competitiveness; align their standards and create a culture of trust which is essential to collaboration.