EPS Group to sponsor Peter Lawless as he sails solo around the world

Great news from LINC Member, EPS Group today as they have confirmed that they will sponsor Peter Lawless Solo Non-stop Circumnavigation as he sails solo, non-stop, unassisted around the world from Kilrush, Co. Clare & back to Ireland via the 5 great Capes, using just a sextant and paper charts as his primary navigation tools.

Peter is hoping to be the first Irish person to successfully complete this endeavour when he sails his Waxwing cruising yacht out of Kilrush in August.

About EPS Group

EPS Water Treatment Manager Shane Corcoran and Managing Director Patrick Buckley presented Peter with a Spectra Watermakers Ventura 150R, which turns sea water into drinking water to allow access to drinking water onboard. They also gave him some EPS goodies like our nice snug fleece jacket, beanie hats and stainless steel water bottles – which he’s wearing & using already as you’ll see in this video!


Best of luck to Peter’s and we wish him well over the coming months both as he prepares for the sailing and during his epic voyage.

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