Benefits of LINC

Why Join LINC

LINC Engineering Network gives support to Engineering firms in the North Cork / East and West Limerick regions.

The benefits of becoming a member company include;

  • Access to sales leads and business opportunities
  • Fortnightly online industry-led meetings focused on related industry topics
  • Physical networking events and member company site visits
  • Access to valuable ecosystem of member companies, stakeholders in the region
  • Be part of collaborative R&D projects
  • Be part of collaborative bidding tenders
  • Be part of the collaborative buyer group
  • Joint marketing initiatives
  • Ability to showcase your company to an extended online audience
  • Raise awareness of your company’s products/services across the region
  • Opportunities to network with industry and peers
  • Access to industry-relevant news and events
  • Company profile on LINC website
  • Ongoing collective marketing of the LINC cluster
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LINC Innovation


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The LINC ecosystem is made up of member companies and regional stakeholders who support each other in the following areas:

  • Supply chain
  • Innovation
  • Job creation
  • Research and Development
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Internationalisation
  • Digital marketing to support overseas sales campaigns
  • Sharing of manpower and resources
  • Leverage economies of scale
  • Carbon reduction initiatives
  • General industry-specific knowledge and support

Networking events – online and physical

LINC cluster run a series of training and networking events in collaboration with members and stakeholders. These events take place in the form of training events: physical networking events; company site visits and fortnightly online meetings.

Business development and sales opportunities nationally and internationally

LINC members gain access to business development and sales opportunities from within the group, between member companies and external to the group. LINC has strong relations with stakeholders who assist in developing international opportunities.

Attendance as a group at National and International trade events

LINC members combine resources to allow them to attend trade shows and events as a group. This gives members greater visibility at events.

One-stop platforms for government supports

The LINC group communicates with all members through a number of platforms. This communication process, coupled with online meetings and events gives members an excellent overview and insight into all available supports.

Industry knowledge

For some who have never been part of a cluster, the concept of sharing knowledge with competitors may seem daunting. To see this is to believe how well this can work. Trust us, it really does work.