Background to LINC

Background to LINC

LINC is a member-led Engineering cluster supported by local government, located in East/ West Limerick and North Cork. Initiated in 2014 as a group of Engineering firms that came together to discuss ways to increase competitive advantage for the region. LINC acts as an exchange forum where members can build links, share experiences and undertake joint commercial activity.

The cluster is based on the knowledge that Engineering firms thrive when they work to support each other. The cluster focuses on bringing solutions to industry challenges for Engineering firms across the region using peer learning and leveraging existing Government supports. All activity is driven by LINC members. A cluster of Engineering firms, for Engineering firms.

A summary of key milestones for LINC Engineering Cluster

Typical industry topics and themes include;

  • Business development and sales lead generation
  • Attendance at international shows as a cluster
  • Supply chain development
  • Leverage economies of scale
  • Assistance with navigating the landscape of government agency supports
  • Networking events
  • Health and safety processes
  • Lean systems
  • Leadership development
  • Recruiting, selecting and retaining staff
  • Digital marketing
  • Export market development
  • Research and development
  • Relevant supports for business for example in 2020 there was a heavy focus on COVID-19 Pandemic supports

Our mission is to bring companies together to increase the competitiveness of the region.

The LINC ethos

At LINC we have created an ecosystem of supports and peer engagements. Central to this is trust, honesty and integrity.

We have created a platform for members to network and communicate with each other. As relationships develop and trust deepens, members discuss and explore areas which would not have been attainable or our of reach to the group.

Companies who may have had an inward focus, now focus outward. Examples of this include the innovation, team development and best practice. Our belief is that if we are stronger collectively, the region is more competitive and we are more attractive for customers; suppliers and attracting talent.

LINC as leading cluster

LINC has developed as an industry led Engineering cluster for SME’s. The only rural cluster in Ireland with a focus on engineering firms. Our members have an ambition to grow their business and recognise the importance of collaboration between members to strengthen regional competitiveness. LINC acts as a case study for other developing clusters, the LINC model has been adopted and adapted by other Irish Cluster across the Island of Ireland.

LINC Membership

LINC has over 50 members from a small geographical region which covers 19 villages and towns. Memberships is made up of Engineering firms and regional Stakeholders.

LINC Launch Event